Our WAX CALF leather riding boots are a heavy duty version of the Box Calf boot, but manufactured from best quality traditional black waxed calf.

Only supplied in black, but usually with tan or coloured LEATHER TOPS.

The UNIQUE feature of black wax calf is the high gloss finish which can be refurbished or remade by "boning" after rough use.

"BONING" is a traditional polishing method whereby best quality black wax polish is liberally applied to the boots with a cloth and then brought to a high gloss finish by vigorous rubbing with a deer bone.

Construction: GOODYEAR WELTED (see BOX CALF).

The WAX CALF used by HORACE BATTEN BOOTMAKERS is a hide leather which has been waxed on the reverse side. This hide leather must be of a certain thickness and can originate from an animal of any age, although historically, in the Leather Trade is always referred to as the WAX CALF. This type of leather should not be confused with waxed box calf, with the wax being applied after manufacture, which although similar in appearance lacks the distinct advantage of being able to be refurbished.

TREES are more or less essential because of the "boning" process.