Purchasing Instructions

If you would like to order or enquire about Horace Batten riding boots or check on a stock item, then please either email or phone.

Phone number 01604 770287.

Email sales@horacebatten.co.uk

Also you can use the self measurement section on the site for sending in measurements. However, we do prefer personal meetings with  our customers to take their measurements in our own workshop.

For uk customers who are able visit our workshop you will need to allow for  two visits, one for measurements and order detail to be agreed and a second visit for your fitting, When the boots are finished we can deliver or you can  arrange to collect them. 

We understand that for overseas customers this is not always possible, in which case we recommend you talk with us over the telephone ensuring you have a helper present -with a tape measure- to take your measurements. We will also send out  by  post a foam box for your foot impressions. Please telephone or e-mail us if you have any questions.    

After taking your measures and details of your order we will write a confirmation letter detailing the order,   In the last paragraph will ask for a deposit of approx 40%.   Until we receive this deposit there is no commitment on the customers part. We will also ask for a £20 deposit against the postage costs for the foam box. However this will be refunded when an order is placed.

When the boots are complete and are ready for dispatch we will ask for the balance to be paid against our original quotation.

We also offer a repair service for your boots and  we maintain full confidence in our products which we belive are amongst the best on the market.. We have however now made the decision to undertake re-welting on only our own boots.With regard to through sole and heel repairs, we have found recently that customers have required us to do repairs on competitors boots and due to the differences in construction methods, repairing these boots has become prohibitive in terms of cost effectiveness. We will, however, continue to do other repairs. 

We also, from time to time, undertake special commissions, so please feel free to enquire.